Aug 27, 2020


Oh, god, I love the multi-track drifting meme. It's unfortunate that a show (Initial D) has turned into pretty much nothing but the memes and music... but maybe JoJo's Bizarre Adventure isn't too far behind on that one? Oh well, anyway, the game.

In FORGET THE BREAKS!, you control two parts of a railcar independently, moving them up and down tracks and making sure neither of them hit dead-ends, or crash into various between-the-tracks obstacles like archways. The major complicating element is the amount you need to keep track of: the complexity of the railroads themselves, where each part is going to go and where you need to adjust them to. It gets hectic surprisingly quickly, and there are three different trains for different speeds as extra difficulty.

It's a simple enough concept that keeps me entertained for a few minutes, but not for terribly long. The amount of unique content is pretty minimal, and once I got the grip of how to play, the fun only went on for so long. Perhaps a few extra things to watch out for on the track would help mix up the pace, or an extra play mode where pure distance isn't the only thing that matters. Either way, it's certainly a fine, funny arcade-ish game that's worth a quick look.

I enjoyed it. FORGET THE BREAKS! is a good game.