Super Sellout

Aug 22, 2020

Super Sellout is a small game made for Ludum Dare 43. The gameplay is simple enough: run and jump across buildings and rescue people from their various problems. You accumulate money over time, and each rescue grants additional money as well as bonus time. The main twist comes in selling out - you can sign contracts with various companies that slow you down, introduce obstacles, and generally make life harder, but give you extra money per turn.

First, this game is remarkably beautiful, and looking at the screenshots I took of the web version, I really could not do it justice without downloading and running the desktop version at a higher resolution. This game has a pretty and well-done art style of flat sprites, dots for shading, and textured scenery that conveys comic books and reminds me a little of the Paper Mario series, particularly with the white outlines. It's a shame one of the sponsors messes with the visuals in a negative way.

Speaking of which, the gameplay itself is just all right. It's a Ludum Dare game, and I wouldn't expect anything amazing, but once you get the joke there's about 10 minutes of playtime to be had here. Given the excellent presentation, however, and the quality of the gag - I had to laugh out loud a little seeing my hero covered in stickers - it was well worth my time, and might be worth yours, too.

I enjoyed it. Super Sellout is a good game.