Wordsum Blitz

Jan 21, 2021

Wordsum Blitz

While I'm not 100% on the timeline of Wordsum Blitz's development, I'm pretty sure it started life as a mobile game before getting moved to twitch. Otherwise, it was made with mobile in mind at the start. Not that there's anything wrong with that - mobile is where the money is these days, it seems - but it probably explains some of the minor hiccups I noticed.

Anyway, Wordsum Blitz is a game about making words. There is a rising pile of letters, and you must click adjacent letters in sequence to make words and clear those letters off the board to keep the stack down. You get points for making bigger or more complex words... I think? It's not entirely clear to me how the scoring system works exactly, since "jar" apparently gave me more points than "audio".

It's a nice concept, and offers a couple minutes of amusement, but even for a quick pick-up experience there's something a bit lacking. Only six columns of letters feels a bit inadequate for much word-hunting. On mobile resolutions it looks adequate, but playing on a desktop I have a lot more space that goes unused. It's a bit easy to feel cheated out by randomness when there's Qs and Xs everywhere.

Wordsum Blitz could stand to have a little something more added to it, but I'm not entirely sure what. Playing field sizes, maybe some extra mechanic to bail you out if your letters are disagreeable, something. But it's hard to expect too much out of $2, and for what it is I found myself amused enough.

I enjoyed it. Wordsum Blitz is a good game.